It’s basically a service aimed at creating an interactive dialogue between speakers and audience.
Attendants can express their point of view, in real time and with a simple and impressive graphic, on what is being discussed in the meeting.
It’s therefore precious in conferences and conventions.
Moreover, it can be utilized in completely different fields, like, elections, marketing analysis, school or professional tests, shows, etc.
Our services are based on data transmitted in radiofrequency through keypads (KP’s) distributed to the attendants. Also services for very large groups can easily be organized and performed.
We are in a position to display voting slides and results of all votes in any format and with every graphic solution, even the most unusual.
Personalized solutions, also rather complicated, can be created.

This technology is offered by us in the following 3 ways:

1. Service
In this case, our intervention consists of:
preparation of voting slides
creation or adaptation of the software to be used in the Event
putting at disposal:
– the requested number of keypads
– PC’s
– base units receiving data sent by the KP’s
– technical-operational personnel
installing, testing and removing its hardware
data processing
supplying results in real time

2. Selling
Besides offering services, turnkey or not, we are also in a position to sell both the necessary hardware (KP’s, base units, accessories) and software, commercial and custom made.
Moreover, we perform the necessary technical assistance and training.
Pease refer to the section “Products” of this site for a detailed description of the products offered by us.

3. Cross rental
We give our customers the possibility to face possible temporary “peaks” by renting hardware or software licenses.
This may also be a two ways possibility, meaning that we could request our Customers to put their hardware/software at our or at other Customers’ disposal for short periods. Once entered in the big family of “IDS Televoting”, it’s theoretically possible to expand the scope of their activity or to recover part of their investment by putting their hardware/software at our disposal

Audience response
Learning degree’s checking (also taking into account the time to answer)
Decisions approval
Sophisticated “raised hand” requests
Appointing members or lists of social/institutional bodies (taking also into account possible delegations)
Organization of games (also for formation purposes)
Checking entrance, exit, & permanence time (especially for C.M.E. Events)
Marketing analysis (also with creation of opportunity or bubble charts, both static and dynamic, etc.)
Checking entrance, exit, & permanence time (especially for C.M.E. Events)
Data collection and field surveys
Moment to moment (M2M) analysis
Exams and acceptance tests
Radiofrequency data transmission using extremely advanced technologies
Acknowledgement of each entry sent from the KP to the base unit
Extreme ease and quickness in organizing a service
Possibility to ask questions in various formats
Checking time to answer (fastest finger)
Anonymous or open votes
Graphics of every type
Possibility of taking into accounts “weights” at participant’s, answer’s and response’s level
Games based on groups or singles
Data both in global form and “filtering” the audience also in complicated ways (multiple filters)
Slides with backgrounds, logos, scripts, graphics, movies and sounds both supplied by the Customer or custom mad

“turn key”
possibility to supply custom made applications
technical-operational assistance
performed everywhere in the World
groups of any size (from a few units to thousands of attendants)
real time reporting
on request, data processing and comparing