Attendants registration

Welcoming attendants in any event and their proper registration are operations of extreme importance.
IDS has a long lasting international experience in supplying the organizers with both the pre-registration (almost always performed on the Internet) and the on-site registration services.
At the end of the event, IDS will deliver a summary database, containing all data relevant to the attendants and data processed, in the electronic format preferred by its customer.
Data will be treated in full compliance with Privacy Laws.
On-line pre-Registration (on Internet)
The service is usually realized in two different ways:

A) Enabling the pre-registered attendants to utilize the so-called “Fast track Lanes” upon their arrival to the Event’s Reception(s) or anyhow shorten their registration time
B) Giving certain categories of Attendants (e.g.: Exhibitors, Contractors, Delegations etc.) the possibility to register on-line, and keep updated, a list of their participants who’ll find their badges upon arrival to the Event

We’ll add (usually) to the Organizers’ home page of their Web site a link to a form where the pre-registered attendant will fill out all the fields agreed with the Organizers. Some of them could be compulsory. To make data entering quicker and tidier, quite often we add combo or list boxes listing specific data (Countries, Job descriptions etc.).

Upon submitting his request, the applicant may receive, via email, an automatic acknowledgement message containing a barcode and his ID code enabling him to utilize the fast track lanes at the Event’s reception(s) where, in a manned or self-registration counter, the above barcode will be scanned or his ID code entered.

This message also contains useful information, like:
Opening times
Parking facilities
Help line
Meeting points
Restaurants etc.
which will encourage the pre-registered attendant to print it and take it along with him to the Event.

However, should he forget to take it along with him, two alternatives are possible upon his arrival at the Reception(s):
Sending to his mobile telephone a reminder via MMS or SMS (containing either the barcode or the ID code) which will be totally equivalent to the printed sheet
Going to any ordinary counter where his record will be retrieved and his badge printed, although with a somewhat longer service time than in the “fast track lane”, but shorter than registering him from scratch.
It is also to be noticed that, in the case of large Events, this acknowledgement message could be an interesting promotional item to be sponsored.

We’ll supply the concerned Category (e.g. Exhibitors, Contractors, Delegations, Hosted Buyers, etc.) with a log-in and a password which will enable him to enter a restricted area of the site (the Organizer’s or a new one created right for the Event) where they’ll find a blank list to be populated with data relevant to their personnel who will attend the Event for which, therefore, badges are to be printed.

Such a list can be modified by them continuously up to a deadline set at a date immediately before the Event’s build up.

In this way many goals are obtained:
Data will be uploaded automatically into our servers ready to be printed on the requested badges, without any human intervention. This means that possible mistakes are attributable only to those who prepared the list (sometimes names, addresses and the like are pretty exotic)
There is an important saving of working time and cost
The list contains records of attendants who very likely will participate, so no useless badges will be printed
In the list many detailed data can be added, enabling the personnel to utilize the same services as the Visitors
Moreover, this restricted area could be a place where the Organizer can add specific and restricted information.

For instance:
List of codes to be utilized to track guests


On-site Registration Services

Based on its long lasting experience gathered in Italian and International Events of any kind (Exhibitions, Conventions, Congresses, Incentives, Symposia, Products launch etc.) IDS can create, on-site, suitable receptions where attendants can be registered and get their (usually) individual badges.

More specifically, IDS can put at its customers’ disposal:
a very advanced and dedicated software adapted to the specific need
- PC with LCD’s
- Badge printers (thermal sublimation, thermal transfer or laser)
- Barcode scanners linked to each PC’s
- Business cards scanners
- Digital cameral and/or Web cams (in order to take attendants pictures to be either printed on their badges or embedded in its software, to be retrieved at any check point, mainly for security reasons)
- Accessories (UPS, lamps for pictures, and so on)
Personnel for technical-operational assistance on-site
And to create temporary:
electrical networks
Moreover, IDS will look after all the necessary:
temporary staff’s training and control
technical-operational assistance
data processing
In terms of attendance, IDS can cope with Events both pretty small (also one single registration post) and with up to hundreds of counters, corresponding to attendance of more than 100,000 visitors.
Besides the front desks, IDS can create also back-offices to support in real time its receptions with data entering or data control activities.

Utilizing temporary or already existing LAN’s, gives the Organizer the possibility of totally sharing the various registration posts, thereby creating very flexible receptions and optimizing service timings.

Usually, the on-site registration is effected:

for “new” visitors
They’ll find, upon their arrival to the Reception(s) area, blank forms to be filled out manually.

They’ll then hand their form over to any of registration counter where our staff will enter all data to be printed on a badge (other data will be entered at a later stage or in a back office) which will be given to him, enabling him to enter the exhibition/meeting area.

for pre-registered attendants
they can either:
utilize the so-called “fast track lanes” where they can get their badge in no time
utilize any registration counter either with his pre-registration printed acknowledgement message or simply letting our staff retrieve his record from our database
find their already printed badge (this is usually the way some Categories, like: Exhibitors, Contractors, Delegations, Hosted Buyers, etc. get their badges).

Finally, IDS can perform registration services based on nominative or anonymous badges.
In this latter case, typical for very large sized events and where a nominative badge is nor absolutely mandatory, IDS can print badges containing, besides any type of fixed fields, only an unique barcode as a variable field.

This barcode, associated to each visitors, enables him to enjoy the same services attainable with a nominative badge.

On-site Registration Services