In the field of Conventions, new services are often required.

Among them, those more frequently implemented by us are:

We can realize and manage various different election polling services, depending on specific requests.
Votes can be cast either in anonymous or in an open way.
In either case it’s possible to take into account delegations and other corrections applicable to the various participants.

We can, therefore:
create the specific software
putting at the customer’s disposal the necessary hardware
create temporary electrical and telematic networks
test, install and remove the hardware
supply technical assistance during the whole sessions
collect and process data
Technologies usually utilized are:

without paper forms
We utilize “cabins” where are installed PC’s which enable the participant to effect choices, usually by simply touching areas in the screen corresponding to his preferred candidates (touch screen technology).

If necessary, printers can be also installed in the cabin which the same choice is printed.
This is sometimes requested for checks or complaints.

with paper forms
In this case, we effect:
forms printing
forms scanning (with barcode scanner or fast optic scanners)
technical assistance
Pls. see the specific section of our Web site

During international Congresses, especially medical, it’s pretty frequent the request for exchanging messages between participants.
So far, this was done by installing at the receptio one wooden checkered blackboard where messages were stuck in alphabetic order.
On the contrary, we have created an application enabling participants to send and receive messages from one or more PC’s scattered within the congress area.
Our program is based on symbols, icons and screenshots very user friendly, therefore quite easy to be utilized by people not very skilled in informatics.
The service can be organized with one or more “posts” linked in a LAN.
In each of them there’s a PC, a barcode scanner and optionally a printer.
The program is started by approaching the individual badge to the barcode scanner. This guarantees a certain privacy, usually sufficient.
By doing so, a display informs whether there’re any unread messages left for him by his colleagues or if he wants to send any.
In the first case, with a mouse’s click the message(s) is open, which can afterwards be canceled or printed.
In the second, a second display appears where the name of recipient(s) can be selected and where the text to be sent can be written. The same message can be mailed to more recipients.
Our application also gives the possibility, in addition or alternatively, to send the message to his colleague(s) cellular phone.
Our service can be sponsored by adding scripts and logos on the various stations, on the standing-by screens and on the printouts.

It consists of the creation of cosy areas where participants can relax and find PC’s and accessories enabling them to work with them.
It’s an interactive program which consists of exchanging scientific information between rapporteur and congressmen on the various cases shown in the posters.

It’s kind of electronic catalogue which enables congressmen to follow the works by continuously monitoring seminars and other activities performed during the Congress.
We have a long experience in the matter and avail of offices, personnel, hardware and software enabling us to create temporary organization secretariats on behalf of our Customers.
We therefore put at their disposal dedicated phone and fax lines (if necessary, also green numbers) in addition to Internet connection and the creation of relevant WEB sites.

We can organize sending of even a large number of emails on behalf of our Customers.

We avail of spaces, personnel, hardware and software enabling us to enter also massive amounts of manuscript or printed data into a database.
Our quality control service ensures that data quality is rather high.

Beyond the entrance to events where there are exhibition stands we locate a booth where temporary staff print in real time requested information.information on name and location of stands.

This is supplied in printed A4 sheets listing:
all Exhibitors showcasing the requested products/services.
a map of the exhibition area highlighting their location
Our application is able to supply each exhibitor (possibly by charging him a fee) with the list of visitors (will all their data) who were interested in his products/services, to be used especially in the case they didn’t actually call their stand.

This service is liable to be sponsored by companies not necessarily exhibiting, by putting their logos and scripts on the booth and on each printout.

Evaluation forms
We are in a position to quickly organize a full service of data collection through evaluation forms.

Our service encompasses:
forms printing
forms scanning
and utilizes both barcodes and fast optical scanners technologies.

It is to be noticed that the same service can be effected also by Televoting (see specific section of our Web site)

We are in the position to quickly organize a service of feed-back collection, for instance by interviewing exhibitors during or after an exhibition.

Our service is composed of:
Authoring and printing of forms containing questions and possible options of answer under the form of barcodes
Putting at the disposal one or more barcodes
Interviewing personnel’s training
Downloading and processing data
It is to be noticed that the same service can be effected also by Televoting (see specific section of our Web site)

Dinner Seating
We’ve created an application enabling an easy and quick seat assignment to be utilized in the case of numerous attendance.

Theater seating
We’ve created an application enabling an easy and quick seat assignment to be utilized in the case of numerous attendance.

“One to One” encounters
We have created applications enabling the management of programmed meetings.

For example:
Hosted buyers visiting exhibitors
Delegations visiting exhibitors
Visitors who want to meet possible customers in an event
Our application is based on forms to be found on-line to be filled out by the interested party by indicating his preferences in terms of data and time.

It checks the various compatibilities and creates a relevant agenda of the confirmed or pending meetings.