Badge and accessories

IDS has the Know-how, software and hardware necessary for the production of every type of badge currently requested by the market.

In particular, badges in:
PVC, credit card size (8,6 x 5,4 cm.) and thickness, printed horizontally or vertically in a single color or in full colors in their front or in front and back side.
Usually these badges are suspended directly (i.e. without a badge holder) to a clip’s ribbon or to a lanyard’s hook through a hole punched in the middle of their upper side.
In a plastic material thinner than the above (150-250 grs/sq. m). Unlike PVC badges, this type can be supplied in several sizes. Generally, its standard size is 10 x 7,5 cm.
As for the PVC type, these badges are generally suspended directly to a clip or a lanyard featuring excellent anti-shear and anti-warp performance.

The absence of a badge-holder, apart from being a good saving of money, makes the scanning of the
barcodes, almost always printed on them, faster and easier.
In cardboard, coated or not and in various sizes,. But their poor resistance to pull efforts and their deformability require the utilization of a badge-holder , with the inconveniences listed above.
self-sticking on A4 paper. These badges are always printed front & back side and are large size (10,5 x 8 cm.). They can also be hang directly to a lanyard’s hook or clip
In paper, hot plasticized, usually in large sizes. The use of these badges is generally limited to special or sport events
Almost every one of the above badge types can be supplied with scripts, logos, images, pictures, barcode, anti-forging holograms and the like.

Moreover, IDS is in position to supply also virtually every accessory linked to the badges’ utilization, i.e.: clips (in metal or colored plastic, lanyards (of various types, colors and fabrics), badge-holders, little chains etc.