All interested exhibitors are supplied with an extremely light, compact, ergonomic laser scanner for the whole duration of the manifestation, which permits the reading of a barcode from a distance (that is to say without actually physically touching it).
When visitors ask for information at a stand, the exhibitor aims the laser toward the badge and the scanner automatically memorizes all the information of the potential client.

Along with the scanner, two sheets of paper are supplied (Actions and Products), in which a certain number of barcodes are available that can be made to correspond to:
an action to be undertaken as follow-ups of a client, such as; “send catalogue”, “send scientific documentation”, send “offer”, “visit the customer”, etc., etc
an observation, for example; “very interested to product X”, “customer is associated to Y competition” etc., etc.
an information, like: “Urgent”, “Important” which can be used to “filter” the database
commercial information like; “customer was received by…”, “promised X% discount”, etc., etc.
products or services of interest
etc., etc.

Only the exhibitor can decode these codes. Such procedures therefore allow for complete privacy.

The scanner memory permits maximum input (several thousands of barcodes!). Nevertheless, usually at the end of day, the information memorized in it is downloaded onto a central server.
All data related to that scanner is provided to the Exhibitor at the latest within a week after the end of the Event (but most often only one or two days later) in electronic format (usually as an attachment to an email. But also on a diskette or CD-Rom).

Along with the laser scanner, the following services are also supplied:
Demonstrative Training either before or at the beginning of the event because it’s simple and brief
Action/Product barcode sheets
Continuous Assistance during the Event
Delivery of database, at the end of the Event, containing all readings recorded by the scanner and additional Information (qualifiers) usually as attachment to an email.